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Recommended Budget for FY 2024-25 Hearings Set

​The Sacramento County Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2024-25 ​ has been released. The Board of Supervisors will begin hearings on the Recommended Budget at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 5, in Board Chambers at the Sacramento County Administration building, located at 700 H Street in Sacramento.

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Board Approves Budget Priorities

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, at its Dec. 12, 2023​ meeting, approved the budget priorities based on public input, staff recommendations and the res​ults of a survey of adult residents of Sacramento County.  

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  • Develops the County's Recommended Approval and Adopted Budgets and modeling of multiyear budget outlook.
  • Revenue projection and analysis.
  • Monitors County's budget throughout the fiscal year and makes recommendations on midyear adjustments.
  • Manages the County's General Fund cash-fl​ow 

Debt Management​

  • Oversees issuance of County debt for financing of cash-flow and capital facilities.
  • Manages County's Fixed Asset Acquisition Fund for internal financing of equipment lease purchases and certain capital facilities projects.
  • Oversees the creation of benefit assessment districts and the issuance of related debt.​

The Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO)​

The Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO) is responsible for t​he overall management of the budget function, oversight and coordination of County fiscal and budget matters.​​​